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INTERREG III A, OMS Nr 3a.5/PAM Nr. 1,2,4

The present pictorial key is intended for the identification of the Central European psyllids (also called jumping plant-lice or Psylloidea) of the genus Cacopsylla which develop on Rosaceae. Adult psyllids are mobile: several species migrate from the host plant, i.e. the plant species on which the psyllid species can complete its development, to shelter plants, usually conifers. The nymphs move comparatively little and stay during their entire development on the host plant. The identification keys take this into account. Adults of Cacopsylla species associated with Rosaceae can be distinguished with the key from other psyllid species. Identification of Cacopsylla species is difficult. For this reason the pictorial key is supplemented with a dichotomous key to all Central European Cacopsylla species. The identification key of the nymphs goes via the host plant.

Copyright for all pictures by Daniel Burkhardt, Naturhistorisches Museum, Basel